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About Digital Art / Student Member Maria Luz Manrique Ccopa20/Female/Peru Group :iconratdragonarmy: RatDragonArmy
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Mis dibus... ;w;:heart: La única razón por la cual estoy donde estoy~
Y otras cosillas más~
uvu!! Well, the free sketches are open again :dummy:
As a thank to the 200+ watchers, and 15k+ pageviews, yay~ :icondummydanceplz:

I have some free time, since the first unit of Thesis ended last Friday~ :la:

Kiss Issues_Weird Smite by Cuti-chansketchs_feb2015 by Cuti-chanSketch Dump :3 by Cuti-chan

Bullet; Red Rules~ 
1. If you want a free sketch, just comment here what you want, dont ask for permission, already everyone have it. B-) (Cool) 
So write your request and add some references, plz.
BTW! o3o u can add 2 or 3 ideas, so I can choose one x3

2. The ideas can have more than one character, but no more than 3.

3. I don't design characters, I'm too lazy to think Disbelief 

4. Be a watcher :iconmingplz: but before I post this journal o3o

Things to consider

1. The sketches will be like the examples.
2. Request are open till 30th April.
3. I'll take my time~ CURSE YOU! So be patient, plz. 
4. If there is one sketch I rly like, maybe Ill paint it very quickly :meow:

What u can do with ur sketch
1. Actually, nothing xDUu please, dont repost anywhere. No, I disagree! 
2. If you want to clean it, paint it, or whatever, I need to think on it. Send me a note or comment to ask for permissionI salute you!  

Any question? Yawn Plz, ask~
  • Mood: Attraction
  • Listening to: El arrullo de Bf xD


Derp Chang'e + NuWa :v by Cuti-chan
Derp Chang'e + NuWa :v
:iconmingplz: No puedo dormir...
Estaba avanzando bonito hasta el pintado del cabello, hasta que BOOM! Mi tableta se fue a la mierda x°DD Me voy a tomar cafecito, regreso y mi compu no reconocía mi tableta eweUu la reinstalé, pero igual, sigue derpy~ :°v Así que, la ropa y la piel las tuve que hacer con mouse :iconpapmingplz: Pero... holy shit, salió mejor de lo que esperaba, ROFLMAO.

This is for the SmiteLatam Challenge :meow: In this opportunity was combine gods... or something like that, I dont remember exaclty PFFFFFFFt xDDD I cant sleep, sorry, and its 0:51 am ;v;Uu
Anyway... Here is my derpy entry :dummy: I love NuWa and Chang'e so much :heart: 

:wave: Byeee~


Chang'e /NuWa (c) Hi-RezStudios
Esta combinación fea (c) Yo :B
Como pasa el tiempo_Weird Smite by Cuti-chan
Como pasa el tiempo_Weird Smite
:icontwitchkappa: Sorry for not English, I just love some my stupid language~

- And this is how we meet~
- Mr. Chronos, you grow so fast.
- You grow fast too, Thanatos.
- Damn! But not too fast!!

:iconmingplz: So yeah~

I did this sketch a long time ago, but it was missed, rofl, and yesterday I started to do it :meow:
Just so random sh*t.

Im working on the requests now, I already end six :dummy:!! And the Oc for Jikans Journal, lolz~

:wave: Byee~

Chronos/Thanatos (c)Hi-RezStudios

I fucking hate drawing hands and feet, FUCK DAT SHIT


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Maria Luz Manrique Ccopa
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Edit: 25/10/2013

- Me llamo María Luz, soy de Arequipa.
- Soy súper floja, pero responsable. (?)
- Soy bien triste dibujando. So yeah... Pero me gusta, yolo.

:iconravegwahplz: A DIBUJAAAAAR!!

:star::iconneko-mirichan::star: Tomodachi :hug: Mi waifu~ :heart:

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MaMze95 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the fave!
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No prob :meow:
Willewolf Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ty 4 de fav
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No prob, sir :la:
Neko-mirichan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Misc Emoji-03 (Sparkling Gift) [V1]…

Feliche aniversario! :iconpapmingplz::heart: Está como que demasiado sencillo, pero espero le guste ;w; ya el fin de semana me desquito :'v

Oh cierto, y me avisa si le llega algo por correo en estas semanas >:3
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Como dije, no che preocupe (even I know u said that u worry even more, lel), pero sí~ Como dice la biblia: con sola una palabra tuya...adasjdla no recuerdo lo que sigue, pero sí~ con solo un mensajillo pa mi es sufi ;A;!!

Oki :v con fe el correo no se pone en huelga, que siempre a comienzos de año las huelgas son más frecuentes x°DD
Neko-mirichan Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
you got it! xD
Pero pa mi no lo es! >:v

ojalá y no :'v pero sabe :c aún no aparece que haya llegado a Perú.
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
:v es que antes yo quería ser monja~ ahora... npi de lo que decía la biblia, lolz. (???)

:iconmingplz: Siempre se duran una eternidad~ Hoy iré al correo a ver el PO Box del caracol :v de paso a ver si hay huelga xD
LixiLoayza Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Kuraudita es mi idola, pero acabo de ver que eres de Perú! y de Arequipa!!! ASDASDASDASD

me encanto! todo :v

love uuuuur art!!
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
xD Ains, muchas gracias :meow:
Usted de dónde es, pues? o3o

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