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About Digital Art / Student Member Maria Luz Manrique Ccopa20/Female/Peru Group :iconratdragonarmy: RatDragonArmy
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Mis dibus... ;w;:heart: La única razón por la cual estoy donde estoy~
Y otras cosillas más~


Kitty Issues_Weird Smite by Cuti-chan
Kitty Issues_Weird Smite
:icontwitchkappa: Lel. El Thani y sus michos. 

YES! I NEEDED to do the last panel in Spanish, I NEEDED!! Sorry-NotSorry~ :iconmingplz:

So~ Did anyone have the problem explaining about the suddden death in animales to children?
I remember my little brother found a bird with one wing injured, he came to home with the bird, and told me if we could go to the vet. At that time, veterinarians are difficult to find, VERY DIFFICULT, we couldnt do to much. I remember too, that my brother was crying for hours, he told me, even with his very early age, that animals doesnt deserve a cruel and painful and dead 'cuz they are the most innocent creatures in world.
So yep. Today I wake up early, 'cuz school sh*t xD, and the first thing that came to my mind this morning was, this freacking idea, I was sooo in need to do it! :icongo-on-plz: And here it is~

About this thing :dummy:
Well, Idk, I thought that Thani was doing his first jobs about death~ But till now, he doesn't have experienced taking the life of an "entire animal family", and specially, a injured mom with little babies that just borned minutes ago. 
It's Thanis b-day~ and Chronos, the one who accompanies him in every death time, thought Thani shouldn't feel sad in this special day, so they cheated~ :iconmingplz: They need to do their job! They CANT save a life. BUT! What about adoption? :icontwitchkappa: A "divine" adoption~.

Thani took the kitties to home, and they grow up with him :dummy::heart:

So yeah~
Again, this is mah weird series about Smite, n I dont care! :iconfatsonplz: I just... I just wanna be the weirdo I am~ :la:

I didnt put names to the cats, someday, somehow Ill do it... I mean, Im very F*CKING bad at putting names... or any ideas? :iconpapmingplz:

Chronos and Thanatos (c) HiRez Studios
Los trajecitos los medio copié de la waifu Neko-mirichan
Este tira de viñetosas y los gatos random (c) Yo :dummy:
Afro siendo Afro_MS Paint by Cuti-chan
Afro siendo Afro_MS Paint
:iconpapmingplz: Finalmente terminé esto!

This pic took me like 4 to 5 hours to finish... because mouse, lel.
So, this week, for Smite LatinGallery, the challenge was doing a pic with the old MS Paint and tablets prohibited, only mouse.
For me the most difficult parte was the freacking commands :iconinfinitodesprecioplz: I almost stopped this work, but I take it like REAL fcking challenge, since I did a lot of mouse works several years ago, and I wanted to remember this time :iconmingplz:

I'm ok with the result~ Its not fancy, but its decent, lol. At least for me :meow:
Anyway, I need to do my homework now xD bye~ :wave:

Aphrodite (c) HiRezStudios.
Esta cosilla (c) :B Yop 
Age Issues_Weird Smite by Cuti-chan
Age Issues_Weird Smite
Warning :police: This is mah weird sh*t, so yeah~ Let me be myself :iconmingplz:

So I was roleplaying with Neko-mirichan, mah waifu, some Chronatos thing~, but, in Assault, Awilix was in my side :dummy: 
We made a ship days ago, Guan Yu ' Awilix :heart:, they look so adorable for us~ :heart:, and in the role, weird shit started...
Part of the roleplay was this, but i dont remember all, so i need to change some stuff :meow: So yeah~... Plz, dont kill us, gess, we are just to little girls with several mental problems :iconpapmingplz:

:°v Estaba más chido en español (?) x°DDD

o3o7 Thats it, byee~ :wave:

Thanatos, Chronos, Awilix, Guan Yu (c) HiRez Studios 
This sh*ty  idea (c) Waifu n I, and the pic is mine~ :B


Cuti-chan's Profile Picture
Maria Luz Manrique Ccopa
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Edit: 25/10/2013

- Me llamo María Luz, soy de Arequipa.

- Amo mis raíces, y sobretodo, la comida de mi tierra.

- Soy bien triste dibujando. So yeah... Pero me gusta, yolo.

:iconravegwahplz: A DIBUJAAAAAR!!

:star::iconneko-mirichan::star: Tomodachi :hug: Mi waifu~ :heart:
Yep, I return to the Hades to finish my pain with the fcking tesis :icongo-on-plz: so Ill be kind of busy right now :iconpapmingplz:

Anyway... Some people asked me why I dont respond messages quickly even when Im online xD
Well, here's the answer: My deviant is like my facebook x°DD I dont use to much facebook, indeed I enter to deviantArt like a facebook, and leave it open during all day~ all night, lel. So sorry.
I decided to post and comment things anyday, but Ill respond n reply messages mostly during weekends :) but if someone have some important thing to tell me, note me xD Ill try to respond as soon as possible.

Well, thats it. :wave:
Now... Back to Hades~ :la:
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Neko-mirichan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Misc Emoji-03 (Sparkling Gift) [V1]…

Feliche aniversario! :iconpapmingplz::heart: Está como que demasiado sencillo, pero espero le guste ;w; ya el fin de semana me desquito :'v

Oh cierto, y me avisa si le llega algo por correo en estas semanas >:3
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Como dije, no che preocupe (even I know u said that u worry even more, lel), pero sí~ Como dice la biblia: con sola una palabra tuya...adasjdla no recuerdo lo que sigue, pero sí~ con solo un mensajillo pa mi es sufi ;A;!!

Oki :v con fe el correo no se pone en huelga, que siempre a comienzos de año las huelgas son más frecuentes x°DD
Neko-mirichan Featured By Owner 20 minutes ago  Hobbyist General Artist
you got it! xD
Pero pa mi no lo es! >:v

ojalá y no :'v pero sabe :c aún no aparece que haya llegado a Perú.
LixiLoayza Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Kuraudita es mi idola, pero acabo de ver que eres de Perú! y de Arequipa!!! ASDASDASDASD

me encanto! todo :v

love uuuuur art!!
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
xD Ains, muchas gracias :meow:
Usted de dónde es, pues? o3o

MrsWaterMelon Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
UNF Tu arte de SMITE. -grabby hands- I NEED MOAR! D;!!!

No, de verdad. Ver que alguien ama a Chronos tanto como yo me hace nerdear inmensamente. ;D ¡Pentawatch! [?]
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
XDUu Ains, muchas gracias ewe
No amo mucho a Chronos, lel, mas bien amo el ship que hay con él xDD
Anyway, gracias :hug:~
MrsWaterMelon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
¡Jajajajajajaja! me explayé de más [?]
Amé a Chronos desde que lo vi, mis sentidos fujoshi se dispararon.
Pero para ser honesta soy mucho mejor jugando con Kumbhakarna y con Athena. xD Chronos es muy squishy...
Cuti-chan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Nah, dont worry xD
Omg xDDD usted ser fujoshi también? omg~
Lel, yo soy wena con NuWa, Chang'e, Arte y Cupido... al menos eso creo xDD porque el único diamante que tengo es Pose, pero he perdido práctica :°D
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Kaleene Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adoro tus dibujos kaskhdjaskhdkasj<3^^
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